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Trimplement launches Finergizer, a microservice-based payment platform
Fri, 1st Mar 2024

The renowned software firm trimplement, based in Cologne, has announced the launch of its microservice-based payment orchestration platform, Finergizer. This established company, known for its bespoke online payment software, has offered valuable services to global businesses such as BMW, Delivery Hero, and Deutsche Bank since 2010. Finergizer is primarily targeted at large e-commerce organisations and digital service providers aiming to accept customer payments worldwide.

The Finergizer software platform is designed for an on-premise model, granting customers complete control over their payment data and the operation of the software. This germinates a sense of security and trust, ensuring that clients' financial information remains private and under their control.

Natallia Martchouk, Co-Founder of trimplement, sees Finergizer as a significant advancement for the company, addressing common challenges in payment processing such as scalability issues, reliance on external providers, and lack of flexibility. With over a decade of experience in payment software development, Finergizer offers a versatile solution that blends the benefits of standard solutions with customisable systems.

Martchouk expressed pride in her team's achievement, emphasising Finergizer's ability to help companies manage global payments while adapting to their unique business requirements. "We help companies orchestrate payments on a global scale and tailor the system to their specific business needs. I'm proud that our team accomplished this," said Martchouk. 

In addition to its primary payment processing function, Finergizer boasts other vital services facilitating a customised payment system setup. These include The Vault element, a necessity for the tokenisation and storage of payment data in compliance with PCI DSS requirements. Also, the Mission Control UI is a central hub designed for managing payment history, payment data and system configuration. This comprehensive platform affords you complete control, flexibility, and peace of mind.

The introduction of Finergizer into the market signals trimplement's unending commitment to ensuring seamless, flexible, and secure payment processing solutions tailored to companies' business needs. This innovation is part of their ongoing effort to create refined, adaptable solutions to tackle common challenges in the payment processing industry.

Ttrimplement's dedication to delivering practical and innovative solutions shows its commitment to its clientele. With Finergizer, they continue to showcase their capability and dedication to assist companies in managing and processing their payments effectively on a multi-national scale.