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Geeker pioneers on-demand peer-to-peer tech support
Thu, 28th Dec 2023

Geeker, a new peer-to-peer marketplace, has launched, aiming to provide on-demand tech support from live tech experts at the push of a button. This fresh 'non AI' approach allows individuals and workers to troubleshoot and solve tech-related challenges conveniently on a pay-per-minute basis.

Available for general use, the service connects users with specialists via a screen-sharing method, allowing them to solve software and IT obstacles. Unlike traditional customer service models, which often involve long hold times and delayed return calls, Geeker connects users with experts in minutes. This efficient service gets problems resolved with average solving times of just 20 minutes.

A recent study by the National Skills Coalition highlighted that although 92% of office workers utilise technology in their roles, only 2.9% of them have the expertise to handle IT issues. This lack of knowledge causes an estimated loss of 7.3 work hours per month due to tech-related problems. Furthermore, due to varied software uses within businesses, and an acute shortage of in-house IT professionals, achieving fast assistance is notoriously challenging. A recent Gartner survey revealed that 35% of large enterprise Chief Information Officers (CIOs) reported a decrease in IT budgets and 29% indicated an ongoing IT hiring freeze.

Jacob Eisenbach, founder and CEO of Geeker, said, "We've all experienced the pain that comes with technology glitches that prevent us from getting our job done. Geeker acts as an 'MSP for software,' without requiring users to engage in expensive vendor agreements or interact with ineffective chatbots. With Geeker, workers can quickly resolve problems and move their projects forward."

On-demand tech support marketplace Geeker balances the supply and demand of tech assistance. It provides individuals and businesses with the necessary support to resolve tech issues while promoting those with specific technology skills to share their knowledge and supplement their income. This model allows these experts to have flexible work hours and earn competitive rates.

Geeker supports a wide range of software tools, including Microsoft Office, Adobe, Google, and Quickbooks. Customers simply click a button to connect, without the need for additional software downloads. The service focuses on 100% human interaction, combined with screen sharing, to cut down on time-consuming explanations of the issue. To further speed up resolution, experts can securely remote-in, demonstrate the solution, and provide a session recording for future reference.

Eisenbach added, "Geeker feeds the appetite for the 'instant economy' many of us have become accustomed to. Our service joins the wave of innovations that connect us with goods and services very quickly, giving the gift of more free time to do what we love."

The launch of Geeker offers vetted IT professionals a viable side hustle while assisting organisations to reduce overhead costs and boost worker productivity. Geeker is available from 9:00 AM ET to 9 PM ET, Monday to Friday with tech support pricing starting at $1.99 per minute and IT support at $2.50 per minute. Geeker professionals reportedly earn an average of $80-90 per hour.