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Edenred teams up with UK's thinkmoney to enhance fintech services
Thu, 11th Jan 2024

Edenred Payment Solutions, one of Europe's payments service providers, has announced a new collaboration with UK e-money provider, thinkmoney.

The partnership seeks to bolster thinkmoney's card and account platform capabilities. Edenred Payment Solutions is recognised within the global fintech sphere for its partnerships with major names such as Tide and Monese.

Since its inception in the UK in 2003, thinkmoney states the company has been steadfast in its mission to afford everyone access to high-quality financial products and services. The company seeks to bring a significant, positive impact on the lives of everyday individuals, enabling trustworthy relations that offer added value and improved financial mobility.

Within the context of this partnership, thinkmoney states the company will enjoy the benefits of a full platform of payment services provided by Edenred Payment Solutions.

This conglomerate of services includes card processing and settlement, banking processing (inclusive of transaction screening), enhanced mobile wallet functionality, and connection to various payment avenues. Furthermore, Edenred will provide additional complementary services.

The partnership will capitalise on the technical abilities and processing strengths of Edenred Payment Solutions to enhance thinkmoney's customer experience across all channels. This enhancement will allow thinkmoney to increase their product range at a steady pace.

CEO at thinkmoney, Michael Aldred, has expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "Being part of the wider Edenred group ensures that we have a stable and reliable platform which has 99.99% uptime. We need this dependability as we look to scale our existing offerings and expand into new product and market segments. It has never been a more exciting time to be a thinker!"

Edenred Payment Solutions will conduct several complex platform integrations with thinkmoney's existing banking relations and the UK's Faster Payments scheme. This will guarantee zero interruption or disruption to the service provided to thinkmoney's customers.

By leveraging the API and technical stack provided by Edenred, thinkmoney will be able to grant its customers access to real-time connectivity and digital services that modern consumers have come to expect.

Edouard Billion, the General Manager at Edenred Payment Solutions, voiced his support for the partnership, "We want to support companies who are making a positive difference, and thinkmoney is doing just that."

"It's great to be supporting a business with a passion for enabling greater financial mobility, helping to upgrade thinkmoney's platform to deliver a better experience for its customers."

Edenred Payment Solutions' platform will enhance the convenience, security, and connectivity of the account services provided by thinkmoney, paving the way for the company's expansion into more European markets and the exploration of new B2B product offerings.

The company provides a suite of functional APIs that enable clients to access an ecosystem of connections including payment schemes, licenses and banking solutions. As an Electronic Money Institution, regulated by the FCA and NBB, it is focused on helping fintechs, corporates and retailers deliver a product experience, without the technical and regulatory complexities.