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Code Institute calls for increased skills bootcamp funding
Thu, 30th Nov 2023

Code Institute, a leading coding bootcamp provider, is calling for focused attention on the importance of skills bootcamp funding, highlighting its critical role in protecting and developing the workforce of the future.

Jim Cassidy, Code Institute’s CEO, is advocating that the increase in enrolments in skills bootcamps and government support for apprenticeship programmes underscores the need for continued investment. Cassidy emphasises that such funding is instrumental in addressing the changing demands of the job market.

This push for greater emphasis on skills bootcamp funding comes in response to the Further Education (FE) Commissioner, Shelagh Legrave's recent announcement of ambitious targets for colleges. The FE Commissioner is urging colleges to increase their involvement in apprenticeships and skills bootcamp initiatives. Cassidy states that this type of funding is key to driving forward workforce development.

The rise of AI and rapid technological advancements has increased the demand for a highly skilled workforce. Skills bootcamp funding, in this context, becomes crucial as it empowers individuals to rapidly acquire essential, specialised skills. Cassidy argues that coding bootcamps are uniquely positioned to offer this targeted training and views investment in this sector as a practical response to the challenges posed by AI.

Shelagh Legrave is pushing for a minimum 10% increase in the apprenticeship market share held by colleges, and for at least 25% more colleges to get involved in skills bootcamps. These targets coincide with government spending plans to invest approximately £600 million in programmes aimed at facilitating entry into employment in skills shortage areas.

"The emphasis on skills bootcamp funding and the expansion of coding bootcamps is a forward-thinking approach to addressing the evolving needs of the job market. This investment not only helps individuals acquire essential skills swiftly but also aids colleges in playing a more active role in workforce development," commented Cassidy.

Recent statistics indicate a significant surge in skills bootcamp enrolments, rising from over 16,000 in 2021 to an expected 40,000 in 2023. According to Cassidy, "The substantial increase in bootcamp starts signals a clear demand for rapid, intensive training that aligns with the dynamic requirements of industries. Coding bootcamps, in particular, are well-positioned to bridge the gap between traditional education and the rapidly changing technology landscape."

However, Cassidy also recognises the potential challenges and barriers to achieving these targets, identifying the complication of funding models, administrative burdens, and an aversion to risk as key obstacles. Cassidy argued that streamlining administrative processes and providing adequate support to colleges will encourage greater participation in these transformative programmes."

“We remain committed to supporting initiatives that foster innovation in education and workforce development. As colleges strive to meet the ambitious targets set by the FE Commissioner, the role of coding bootcamps in providing practical, industry-relevant skills cannot be overstated,” Cassidy concluded.