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BSH Group enhances customer experience with Medallia's AI technology
Wed, 20th Dec 2023

The parent company to brands such as Bosch, Siemens and Neff, BSH Group, has boosted its customer experience and directed its expansion into the direct-to-consumer market through the utilisation of Medallia's customer journey orchestration technology.

With this advanced technology, BSH Group can personalise each customer's brand experience in real-time, marking an important evolution in modern retail strategies.

Medallia Experience Orchestration, a cutting-edge AI-powered tool, afforded BSH Group the insights to track over a hundred distinct experiences and more than 2,000 activities. This strategic investment has led to a superb 107 percent growth in the conversion rate, demonstrating the successful association of technology with consumer satisfaction and retail growth.

BSH Group, a leader in home appliance production, has leveraged Medallia Experience Orchestration's capabilities to acquire detailed insights outlining its customers’ journeys. This has supported their shift from a business-to-business model towards a more direct-to-consumer approach.

The AI-powered insights have allowed BSH Group to offer a personalised engagement scheduling on their website, optimising the opportunity for interested buyers to experience products in-store prior to purchase. Consequently, this strategic shift has generated an elevation in business-to-consumer revenue.

Mesut Ocalan, Head of Analytics, Global D2C at BSH Group emphasised the significance of their partnership with Medallia. "Medallia Experience Orchestration allowed us to tap into the insights that fundamentally changed the way we understand and deliver personalised experiences at scale for our customers."

"This partnership has proven invaluable to the way we do business and transformed our digital offerings, further improving the customer experience."

As a symbol of its commitment to personalising the customer experience, BSH Group claimed the Omnichannel category of the CIONET Vocento 2022 Awards in Tech & Digital Excellence for the BSH Global Experience Programme.

Developed in collaboration with Medallia, this programme is designed to enhance consumers’ home lives through innovative household appliances and digital services while promoting business-to-consumer expansion.

Joe Tyrrell, CEO, Medallia, noted the significance of BSH's strategy in highlighting the potential of mediatised customer experiences, stating, "BSH Group is a prime example of how companies can affect experiences in real-time, as they are happening, and how this can drive such a differentiated experience, that it optimises revenue and improves the cost-to-serve."

Overall, Medallia Experience Orchestration is reshaping the retail landscape, empowering organisations to anticipate and swiftly respond to customers’ needs through millions of signals and journey intelligence.

By managing individual decisions in less than a second, companies can deliver a connected, personalised customer experience. The partnership between Medallia and BSH Group stands as an example of this transformative approach in action.