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AliExpress launches livestream shopping for the UK
Tue, 26th Mar 2024

AliExpress, part of the Alibaba International Digital Commerce Group, has officially launched livestream shopping in the UK for the first time, promising to revolutionise consumers' buying experiences. Well-established TV personality, presenter, and model Olivia Attwood, was introduced as the new 'It Girl' ambassador in the UK for AliExpress's foray into interactive shopping.

The launch is designed to offer shoppers the chance to make more informed purchasing decisions with the help of livestreaming technology. Attendees can buy items, join live discussions, and enjoy entertainment from anywhere, at any time. Attwood and a host of influential figures in the fashion industry will guide consumers through the latest fashion trends and product offerings, in addition to sharing valuable style advice.

'Livestream shopping is well-established in some countries around the world, but still relatively new here in the UK. I am thrilled to bring this innovative and fun shopping experience and its benefits to the UK,' expressed Olivia Attwood. 'We cannot wait to see what the next couple of months brings, and we encourage everyone to join in, whether you are someone who loves shopping for fashion or an influencer keen to join our community of It Girls.'

AliExpress has also created the UK Influencer Collective, named 'It Girls by AliExpress', as part of its new Mini Shop. This interactive programme allows influencers to curate their personal collections available on AliExpress. The platform is interwoven with short videos and livestreaming features, opening up an avenue for influencers to directly engage with their followers. Though livestreaming technology is still a novelty in the UK, it is becoming increasingly prevalent worldwide. Recent predictions suggest that it may account for up to 20% of all e-commerce sales in this region by 2026.

Olivia Attwood and other notable personalities are set to launch their curated collections via the Mini Shop model and host several livestreams from March 18th. UK shoppers can tune into their favourite influencers' livestreams to shop for curated fashion and accessory collections, while also gaining access to exclusive discounts during the livestream broadcasts.

For influencers, live shopping offers a medium to connect closer with their followers. By receiving feedback and accommodating viewer preferences in real-time, influencers proficient in industry trends, product knowledge, and consumer interests can significantly extend their influence. Apart from Attwood, the line-up includes notable influencers like Kady McDermott, Farah Sattaur, Alexis Economou, and Summer Botwe among others.

In addition to introducing 'It Girls by AliExpress' and livestreaming, AliExpress will offer discounts and launch over 20,000 latest women's fashion items for UK consumers on top of over 6 million pieces currently on the platform. To provide an enhanced service to consumers, AliExpress will continue with free shipping and free returns through its premium service, Choice.

AliExpress will further reward successful livestream hosts with an opportunity to create and launch their own fashion line later in 2024. A livestreaming competition will decide the winners, with UK-based content creators invited to join the 'It Girls by AliExpress' initiative for a chance to establish their own fashion collection.

This unprecedented move by AliExpress aims to create a friendly and engaging environment, offering a tailored and responsive shopping experience to consumers' needs and preferences, thereby going beyond the traditional online shopping experience.