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AI tool FACTlix to detect fraudulent consumer reviews
Wed, 3rd Jan 2024

FACTlix, an advanced technology fuelled by artificial intelligence (AI), has been launched with the distinct purpose of identifying fraudulent consumer reviews. This pioneering tool was developed against the backdrop of a growing crisis in this area, where fraudulent reviews have influenced 12% of all e-commerce sales, misled consumers, and delivered an unjust competitive edge to companies engaged in this deceitful practice.

Customer reviews play a crucial role in consumer purchasing decisions, with a whopping 98% of online shoppers basing their shopping decisions on these reviews. However, the widespread incidence of fake reviews slants the purchase decisions in favour of the fraudsters, creating a misleading impression about products or services. Unfortunately, even honest companies can suffer reputational damage due to these spurious reviews.

Straddling both sides of the spectrum, fake reviews can serve to either inflate the perceived quality of one product or service to trick consumers into buying it, or to tarnish the reputation of a competitor. Both scenarios lead to the consumer being fed incorrect information, thereby skewing their purchase decisions.

Amsety Chief Executive Officer, Mustafa Behan, elaborated on the matter stating, "Fake reviews are a growing problem for e-commerce. Responsible businesses are plaguing substantial resources to fight against this growing issue yet still witness a disproportionately large share of fraudulent reviews." Behan further noted that, "FACTlix offers these businesses the means to counter the issue with greater precision at a drastically reduced cost."

The functional foundations of FACTlix lie in decisional AI — the art of discerning patterns in online content, and understanding these patterns to judge the legitimacy of the associated content. Irrespective of whether the fraudulent content originates from humans or machines, FACTlix is equipped to identify these fake reviews before they're published to the public, thus averting any potential damage. FACTlix's capabilities have been successfully tested in stringent conditions involving over 20 million reviews and 400 million data points, and have shown to be both reliable and precise as per Behan.

The technology was designed by Amsety, a transatlantic technology company based in Berlin and Carlsbad, CA. The proprietary technology adheres to the rigorous European laws on review quality and data protection, and is also patented.

Moreover, the FACTlix technology has the capacity to identify fraudulent content such as comments and videos (commonly known as 'deepfakes'). As a result, search engines, marketplaces, and news outlets can enhance the credibility of their content, protect their customers from dubious reviews, and guarantee fair competition amongst their vendors and advertisers – all while achieving significant cost savings.

Offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, FACTlix can be easily integrated into various marketplaces and search engines, making it an accessible and highly beneficial tool for online trading platforms.