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Adjust launches Google Play Games integration for PC analytics
Fri, 15th Mar 2024

Adjust, a measurement and analytics company, launched a unique integration with Google Play Games on PC, designed to enable mobile gaming app developers, marketers, and studios to distribute and measure their marketing efforts across a wide variety of platforms more efficiently. In an attempt to refine PC and Console measurements, this development utilises Google's Play Install Referrer API to directly attribute installs to PC campaigns, thereby offering insights to app developers about the most effective channels for drawing in users from the Google Play store.

Historically, developing and measuring cross-platform games has been a complex and resource-intensive process. Google Play Games on PC now offers Android game developers the opportunity to publish their Android apps on the desktop web, which results in an immersive and seamless crossplay. Adjust's latest integration provides a measurement tool that marketers have eagerly sought after.

Adjust's Director of Connected TV and New Channels, Gijsbert Pols, Ph.D., commented, “The ascension of cross-device gaming, both the demand for it among players and its electrifying potential as a user acquisition channel offers a massive opportunity for mobile gaming app developers." He continued, "By taking advantage of Adjust’s Android SDK integration with Google’s Play Install Referrer API, developers can adjust their marketing tactics to broaden their apps’ reach.”

A recent survey found that a handsome 71% of US respondents stated that they would download or purchase their favourite mobile game if a PC or console option was available, underlining the growing demand among gamers for cross-platform gaming options, and thus driving Adjust's commitment to delivering groundbreaking and accessible solutions.

The direct integration of the Play Install Referrer API for Google Play Games on PC with Adjust presents numerous growth opportunities for gaming app developers, marketers, and studios, as it facilitates seamless gaming across platforms and effective cross-platform measurement to drive ROI.

Adjust’s robust PC | Console measurement solution has unlocked cross-platform measurement opportunities for marketers, allowing them to reach users wherever they play and to effectively scale their games. By understanding the impact of marketing initiatives on PC and console, marketers can optimize their budgets, explore new channels, and boost ROI.

Robert Zhao from Take Two Interactive Software stated, “In a time when consumers engage with ads and cross-play our games on PC and mobile, we were looking for an attribution provider that goes across the board,” adding, “Adjust’s multi-platform measurement, superior reporting and innovative measurement tools for Google Play Games on PC allow us to streamline our campaign management and precisely monitor LTV for our games, irrespective of the platform.”