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Wonder Group partners with Sorted to transform global shipping operations
Tue, 19th Mar 2024

The Wonder Group, known for being a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of party goods, has announced a new collaboration with Sorted, a Delivery Experience platform, aiming to enhance global shipping operations.

Wonder's partnership with Sorted seeks to accomplish several key objectives, among them are unifying operational processes across all business departments, achieving cost savings on carriage through precise cost allocation, and ensuring a single point of truth for all its business units operating from one UK-based fulfilment centre. The platform also seeks to offer live delivery options to customers during checkout, thereby reducing missed promise dates.

This partnership follows an intensive market search around various vendors. Sorted was selected not only due to its previously established relationship with Party Delights but also due to its exceptional support during the sales and onboarding process, as well as the technical facets of its platform. These include smooth integration processes, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive tech documentation.

Robert Branigan of Wonder expressed his thoughts on the partnership, saying, "We are committed to delivering the best possible experience for our customers in terms of the products we offer and the way we get them to their doorsteps. Our partnership with Sorted represents a significant step forward in achieving this goal, as we unify our operational processes and utilise innovative technology to streamline our fulfilment operations and improve our shipping capabilities. Sorted's expertise and flexibility presented the perfect solution for our businesses, and our work together will drive cost savings, improve customer satisfaction, and support our business growth."

The CEO of Sorted, Carmen Carey, also talked about the new partnership with Wonder. She said, “Customers now expect a stellar experience throughout the purchase experience, with post-purchase being a key part of this. We believe in using technology to make a positive impact on customer experience. Our partnership with Wonder is a great example of this, as we work together to streamline its logistics processes, save costs, and provide better experiences. With our streamlined solution, this partnership will help Wonder further enhance the relationships it has built with its customers.”

Wonder Group has carved out a reputation as a leading entity in its sector, aided by an exceptional leadership team, a driven workforce of 2,500, and positioning as a global, vertically integrated company delivering celebration-related products and services. The new partnership with Sorted marks another stride in its pursuit of "heightening happiness, creating unforgettable moments, and making a positive difference to people’s lives across the planet."

In today’s competitive landscape, the delivery experience has never been more essential. Sorted, received recognition from the Financial Times as one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe, bolsters retailers by offering an outstanding delivery experience and post-purchase performance analysis. Trusted by major retail brands such as ASOS and Asda, Sorted's innovation in transformational technology has made them a powerhouse in the industry.