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Neos Networks & Securus secure McArthurGlen's connectivity
Fri, 2nd Feb 2024

Neos Networks, a provider of critical network infrastructure, has recently joined forces with bespoke network services provider, Securus Communications, to create a secure and reliable connectivity for McArthurGlen, one of Europe's prime designers of fashion outlets.

McArthurGlen, with a portfolio of nine sites across the UK, had a requirement for robust and flexible connectivity. Additionally, it wanted advanced network visibility, improved performance, and more robust security for its London-based IT team.

Securus Communications and Neos Networks have forged a strategic partnership over the last nine years. Their unique synergy lies in their common commitment to innovation, customer service, and a delivery of reliable, cost-effective connectivity solutions. Securus, in particular, is known for its technical expertise and dedication to quality, specialising in network access control (NAC), managed hosting, and IT security.

The recent project for McArthurGlen involved implementing SD-WAN and NAC solutions across the company’s nine sites throughout the UK. The concept was to bolster the visibility, performance, and security of its IT operations. SD-WAN would facilitate the IT team to deploy services more easily across dispersed locations, thereby maintaining consistent performance and security level. Alongside, the intricate network management offered by NAC would provide the team with fresh insights into controlling the network and effectively tackling issues or security threats across all nine sites.

To ensure success in delivering this solution, Neos Networks supplied Securus with circuits enabling gigabit bandwidth and resilience against downtime or service issues at all the nine sites.

Consequently, McArthurGlen has attained a durable and adaptable connectivity solution that enhances visibility and security across its network. This fortified structure leverages dual gigabit circuits and sophisticated dual firewalls, delivering advanced yet affordable connectivity.

Neos Networks' customer support played a pivotal role in the successful execution of the project. Brett Rowe, the founder of Securus Communications, commended the proactive approach and problem-solving skills of the Neos dedicated order manager. The ongoing success of the partnership has allowed Securus to streamline its network service providers, with Neos Networks as the primary partner.

Brett Rowe, in his praise for Neos Networks, stated; "In Neos, we've found a trusted partner who understands our needs, as well as the needs of our customers, and can translate these into solutions that deliver. While its offering is very competitive, it's the collaborative approach to problem-solving that makes Neos a natural choice for our projects. It's the relationship that works, our dedicated order manager makes the journey easy - they come to us with solutions, not problems."

Progressively, Securus is working towards becoming a gold partner with Neos Networks. This move not only underscores the trust in the relationship but also supplements the increasing demand of Securus' customers for more advanced connectivity and broader bandwidths. Neos Networks, with its ever-expanding network, is perfectly positioned to support Securus and its customers with reliable, high-capacity connectivity across the UK.