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Gepard introduces artificial intelligence features into its product information management solution
Sun, 29th Oct 2023

Dutch vendor Gepard has added AI functionality with the aim of significantly increasing productivity and reducing time to market by automating some of the most time-consuming processes in PIM. This update enables automatic mapping of feature values that have a direct match, minimising errors and ensuring that data is consistent across the platform.

The integration of AI into the PIM platform is poised to be a game changer for how product data is managed. Automating suggestions and mappings can reduce the potential for human error and save significant time, while real-time suggestions can enhance the user experience by enabling efficient data management.

Gepard CEO Sergii Shvets commented on the update, stating, 'With the introduction of these AI-enabled features, we're not just enhancing our platform; we're reinventing the PIM experience as we would like it to be. The PIM space needs AI innovation; the industry has been waiting for it, and we are proud to be at the forefront.'

The key AI-driven features include: table-based import AI recognition for seamless import of tables and spreadsheets; AI suggestions for product attributes mapping, leading to more precise and efficient outcomes; and AI suggestions for product attributes value mapping, streamlining the value assignment process and ensuring consistency and accuracy across all products.

Gepard COO Cyril Dorogan also expressed excitement about the update, adding, 'Our primary goal has always been to deliver unparalleled value to our clients. These AI capabilities not only automate but intelligently refine processes, ensuring that our clients achieve a level of efficiency that was previously unattainable.'

As businesses across the globe continue to rely on effective product information management, innovations such as these AI functionalities in the Gepard PIM solution are set to establish new standards for the industry. The new features are available immediately to all Gepard users.