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FourKites uses Clari's AI for optimised operations & customer success
Mon, 1st Apr 2024

FourKites, a global supply chain visibility provider, has harnessed the AI capabilities of Clari's revenue platform to optimise its business operations, improve customer success, and drive financial excellence. Having relied on the platform for the past three years, the supply chain tech company now boasts improved visibility and control over its total revenue process, according to a statement.

The Clari revenue platform is helping FourKites make the leap from manually-input spreadsheets and old news to real-time revenue information. This significant technological stride is enabling better alignment between various teams and creating an environment for engaging and fruitful discussions, from routine forecast discussions to high-level boardroom updates. It provides transparency across company leadership and empowers FourKites' revenue professionals to operate with increased speed, precision, and scalability.

Clari's AI-driven platform caters to the demand for highly accurate revenue forecasting and even suggests possible actions to accelerate conversion and close rates. "FourKites is proud to be well-positioned for long-term, sustainable growth, and Clari is an essential element in maintaining that strength," said Ron Richardson, FourKites Chief Revenue Officer. "Clari's AI analyses FourKites' historical revenue data and helps predict whether we will meet, beat, or fall short on revenue at the end of the quarter. The predictability is highly reliable and has made us much more agile in how we run revenue."

FourKites provides business leaders with real-time data on freight across all modes of transportation, yards, warehouses, stores, and points beyond. Processing over 3.2 million shipments daily and reaching over 200 countries and territories, FourKites combines real-time data and powerful AI to help more than 1,500 of the world's leading brands push towards digital transformation for their end-to-end supply chains.

With its precise and accurate renewals forecasting model, Clari significantly contributes to FourKites' growth by maximising retention and generating predictable revenue. This dynamic also allows FourKites to align all teams impacting revenue - sales, marketing, customer success, finance, and the leadership - with real-time updates on revenue. Since Clari's platform is fully automated, it empowers FourKites' teams with up-to-the-minute data insights to instigate strategic, action-focused conversations.

"Innovative companies like FourKites are seeing firsthand how Clari’s platform leverages AI to help scale best practices for sales prospecting, deal management, conversation intelligence, and revenue forecasting across the business," commented Kevin Knieriem, President, Strategic GTM at Clari. "We're delighted FourKites chose Clari on their revenue journey, and we look forward to continued work with them as we help them run the most important business process - revenue - with speed and precision."