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Evermile partners with Tide to transform deliveries for UK businesses
Mon, 29th Jan 2024

Evermile, a pioneering delivery platform developed to support local businesses, has confirmed a strategic collaboration with Tide, the UK's top business financial platform. This dynamic partnership is set to revolutionise delivery management and generate significant cost efficiencies for local merchants throughout the UK, granting these businesses access to state-of-the-art technological and operational capabilities previously reserved for larger retailers and eCommerce brands.

The creation of this partnership stems from local businesses' continued struggle to offer effective delivery services. These merchants have often faced the difficult decision of either relying on their in-house drivers or entrust their delivery needs to a large delivery provider, a solution that often fails to cater to their unique specifications and requirements. Evermile presents a third option; a universal delivery platform that fulfils all delivery requirements both locally and nationally, embodying simplicity, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. This exciting development promises a promising future for local businesses.

By utilising both the Evermile and Tide platforms, traders can monitor operational overheads whilst simultaneously optimising and simplifying delivery options. The selection of the optimal delivery partner is guided by various parameters including availability, price, and performance. This development is timely for local businesses, many of whom are seeking to incorporate novel technologies into their operations amidst changing economic landscape and mounting operational costs.

Omer Goldschmidt, Co-Founder & CEO at Evermile, commented: "Local delivery has morphed into a necessity for local businesses, yet it presents a significant challenge without the appropriate tools and logistics expertise. This partnership with Tide marks a significant milestone in our commitment to fuelling the growth of smaller, independent businesses. We're giving them the opportunity to unlock their full growth potential and exploit technology like never before."

Chloe Wilson, Tide's Partnerships Lead, noted: "At Tide, we understand the daily obstacles small business owners face, particularly in managing their finances. In today's market, managing delivery costs has become a crucial concern for many businesses. This partnership with Evermile is a natural extension of our commitment to deliver solutions that ease the financial burdens of our members. It's a positive step towards giving them more control and financial flexibility."

Since its inception in 2022, Evermile is already serving 450 local businesses throughout the UK. Following their $6m (4.8m) seed funding in April 2023, Evermile announced a strategic partnership with Uber Direct later that year.