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Dexory introduces advanced AI to boost UK warehouse efficiency
Fri, 15th Mar 2024

Dexory, a UK-based robotics and data intelligence company, has announced the introduction of its advanced AI-powered logistics engine, aimed at boosting the operational efficiency of warehouses and refining inventory management, which in turn shall improve overall warehouse agility.

The multi-site, digital twin platform christened 'DexoryView', facilitates warehouse operators' ability to process vast amounts of precise data collected daily across warehouses by Dexory's autonomous robots. This provision allows businesses instant access to insightful, real-time analytics, thereby enabling faster, intelligence-based decision-making.

By harnessing the potency of computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and large language models (LLM), Dexory's solution will pave the way for warehouse operators to enhance efficacy across vital factors such as space and machinery utilisation, inventory, and work time.

DexoryView's AI-supported applications assure transformation in three key sectors of the user's business: warehouse performance, advanced issue detection and response, and environmental monitoring. By implementing state-of-the-art image analyses and machine learning models, crucial issues such as damaged stock, fallen inventory and rack infrastructure damage can be promptly detected and addressed, thereby ensuring compliance.

Gartner claims that global challenges such as the pandemic and geopolitics necessitate businesses to operate resilient supply chains. However, 60% of leaders suggest their supply chains have never been designed for resilience. Current systems encounter significant restrictions on both the volume and frequency of data captured, resulting in ill-informed decisions based on old or incomplete data. This ever-increasing data gap, coined the 'Visibility Gap', is a prominent issue, with research from advisory firm IHL Group last year estimating the combined cost of stock mismanagement at a staggering $1.77 trillion.

Dexory's new AI functionality is seen as the answer to closing this gap, enabling companies to react swiftly to supply chain upheavals, make informed decisions based on facts, and focus their investments appropriately. Implemented in DexoryView, the platform harnesses autonomous robots to scan large warehouses expediently and provides precise, real-time information on goods and assets across various sites. Also, by utilising AI algorithms and advanced sensors, DexoryView will empower logistics teams with the agility to make quick, data-driven decisions on operations.

Andrei Danescu, CEO and Co-founder at Dexory, believes their technology is transforming the tradition-laden logistics industry. "The pandemic ignited a significant shift towards real-time, actionable insights. Our autonomous robots already provide an unparalleled visibility level on inventory within warehouses. Now, combined with AI, we're facilitating our customers' entry into a new efficiency and productivity era. Dexory is excited to be leading this transformation," said Danescu.

By addressing critical use cases with technology, Dexory is focused on helping to propel the logistics industry forward - marking supply chains as more efficient, agile, and responsive to emerging challenges.