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'Danish retail invasion' reshapes UK market with Hybrid Retail tech
Fri, 1st Mar 2024

In the heart of digitally innovative Denmark, a new transformative retail tool is making waves in the online marketplace. Following the successful lead of Flying Tiger Copenhagen and Sstrene Grene, other Danish brands are entering the retail climate of the United Kingdom using a blend of authenticity, community, and Hybrid Retail technology. This movement, dubbed by some as the 'next Danish invasion', presents a fresh horizon of opportunities for UK retailers.

As per a recent forecast by Deloitte, the year 2023 is expected to be a defining one for the UK's retail industry. The prominent advisory firm underlines the integration of digital and physical channels into Hybrid Retail as key to shaping innovative consumer experiences in 2024. This evolution in retail technology seems to be steered by the skilled hands of Danish e-commerce and physical retailers.

Within this industry shift, authenticity is emerging as a critical factor. Reminiscent of the impact of 'Scandi-noir' powerhouse, 'The Killing', on UK audiences and their appetite for authentic narratives, the British consumer now values a similar dose of genuineness in their retail experiences. Current trends show that three out of four UK shoppers today acknowledge that authenticity enhances their loyalty towards brands. Furthermore, over half of consumers perceive retailers employing 'Direct-to-Consumer' technology as being more authentic.

Speaking on this trend, Macdara Duncan, Sales Director at Sprii, stated: "The success of retailers in the UK like Flying Tiger Copenhagen is not just about price or location; it is about them being authentically Danish. Authenticity is the new retail currency, and they make the most of it. This is reflected in the in-store experience, but even more in the way they embrace Hybrid Retail and use live shopping to engage with customers directly."

The ever-popular Danish concept of 'hygge', which translates to a sense of comfort, simplicity, and well-being, is also marking its influence in the retail sector. Emerging Hybrid Retail technologies, such as live shopping, help to infuse this concept into 'Community Retailing'. This concept aims to enhance a sense of belonging amongst customers by providing personalised engagement and real shopping experiences.

Speaking of this strategic approach, Sara Gammelgaard, Team Lead Marketing Performance at Flying Tiger Copenhagen, said: "We embrace where we come from. Danish culture is a big part of the Flying Tiger Copenhagen-experience. You see it in our shops across the globe, and you feel it when you connect directly with our employees during a live shopping event. Here, we can integrate our physical and digital retail spaces and create an environment, where communication turns into conversations and customers into communities."

With this retail revolution led by Danish brands and powered by novel technology like live shopping, the UK retail market seems poised for a significant overhaul. It certainly is an exciting time, both for innovative brands contributing to this shift and for the consumers who stand to benefit from increasingly immersive and unique shopping experiences.