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Ava May Aromas partners with Sprii to launch live shopping in 2024
Wed, 24th Jan 2024

Ava May Aromas, the respected UK home fragrance brand celebrated for its scented candles and wax melts, is embarking on a partnership with innovative live shopping technology firm Sprii. This step is part of a vigorous growth strategy where Ava May Aromas will utilise Sprii's groundbreaking technology to initiate live shopping experiences in 2024.

The increasingly popular brand, which has received support since its 2018 inception from cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch, is turning to live shopping as a dynamic new method to connect with its customer base.

Hannah Chapman, the Founder of Ava May Aromas, discussed the remarkable growth of her brand and the potential for further expansion through live shopping. Chapman highlighted the brand's impressive organic growth over a short period, attributing it to the personal touch infused into each hand-poured product. She sees live shopping as an excellent opportunity to bring this personal experience into the digital realm, allowing real-time interaction with their wonderful customers.

Hannah Chapman said, "We have experienced incredible organic growth in just a few short years, thanks in part to the personal touch we put into every hand-poured product. Live shopping presents a fantastic opportunity to bring that personal experience into the digital space, interacting with our amazing customers in real-time."

Sprii is the premier live shopping technology platform headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark. Sprii provides an end-to-end solution for businesses to stream shoppable video content across digital channels, powering immersive brand experiences through next-generation live shopping capabilities.

Through a partnership with Sprii, live shopping features will be brought directly to Ava May Aromas' website, with interactive, live video content that draws attention to selected products and limited-time offers. Customers will have the option to effortlessly shop for the featured products directly from the live video stream fostering an engaging, hassle-free experience which turns viewers into devoted customers.

Christian Vester, Co-Founder and CEO of Sprii, expressed excitement about the partnership with Ava May Aromas. Vester acknowledged the strong brand that Hannah, the founder, has built, resonating well with customers due to the passion infused into Ava May Aromas. The collaboration aims to enhance the connection with customers through live shopping and expand the brand's reach to new global audiences. Vester looks forward to supporting Hannah as she continues to grow her business.

Christian Vester stated, "Hannah has built a strong brand that resonates so strongly with its customers, thanks to the passion infused into Ava May Aromas. We are thrilled to help strengthen that customer connection even further through live shopping and introduce the brand to new audiences globally as Hannah continues to grow her business."

This collaborative initiative will serve as a precursor to adding live shopping capabilities to other businesses within the Nicky Story Holdings Group. The intent is to incorporate live shopping features into 'Supplies for Candles' and 'The Soap Kitchen' by 2024.